Verified Trader Review – The Scam Exposed!

By | February 21, 2015

verifiedtraderVerified Trader Review: In this review of Simon Roper’s Verified Trader software, we reveal our test results that prove it’s a scam.

Our Official Verified Trader Review

About the Verified Trader Software:

Product Name: Verified Trader
Niche: Binary Option Trading Software
Product Creator: Simon Roper
Price: Free
Product Summary: Verified Trader is a new free binary option trading software from Simon Roper. Simon claims he is looking for 20 beta testes and his free software will help you make between $400 to $6000 a day.

Let me guess…You got an email about Verified Trader, visited the website and watched a convincing video about the Verified Trader software.

The question you are asking yourself is…”Is this software legitimate or a scam?”

Well…Today we are going to release our test results, when using the Verified Trader software, and let you judge for yourself.

You see…There have been hundreds of these of these free software released online in the pat 2 years and we have tested about 90 of them.

Out of all the software that we have tested only one of them has made it to our recommended list.

“Today We Test Simon Roper’s Verified Trader Software”

Our test consists of making 100 trades using the software and recording our results. Any software that does not win at least 50% of it’s online trades is labeled a scam and is not recommended.

Here are our test results for the Verified Trader software.

Number of trades = 100

Number of winning trades  = 48

Number of losing trades = 52

Percentage of winning trades  = 48%

As you can see by the above results…Verified Trader won 48% of it’s trades.

So…We did not make $400-$6000 as claimed by Simon Roper in his video, we actually lost money using this software.

This really came as no surprise to use because we have tested 90 similar trading software and of those only 1 that is still available for free was able to pass or test.

The software that passed our 100 trade test actually won 88% of it’s trades and made us a profit of $830 in 1 day!

You Can Read The Review Of  The Only Free Trading Software That We Currently Recommend By Clicking Here!




Ps. Thanks for visiting the Modest Money blog and reading our review of Simon Roper’s Verified Trader software.

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