Secret Software Robots Review

By | January 6, 2015

secretsoftwarerobotsreviewSecret Software Robots Review: In This review of Secret Software Robots, by Josh Bacon, we reveal our tests results that prove his “Kraken” software is a scam.

Our Official Secret Software Robots Review

About the Secret Software Robot:

Product Name: Secret Software Robot
Niche: Binary Option Trading Software
Product Creator: Josh Bacon
Price: Free
Product Summary: Secret Software Robots is a free trading application from Josh Bacon that claims to be able to earn you $14 per minute using internet robots.

Josh Claims that he is looking for 5 beta testers to give him feedback so he can improve the software and make up to $40 a minute.

On the face of it…This sounds like another scam.

But the only way to make sure this software is legit or not is by actually using it. So we decided to put the “KRAKEN” to the test by making 100 trades using the software.

Before we reveal put test results…

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How We Proved The Secret Software Robots Is A Scam

Every few days over the past year or so a new free software is released to the public claiming to be able to make you rich on auto pilot.

We have tested a total of 83 of these free software and only 1 was legitimate. It’s called My Cash Bot.

The rest were pure scams!

See if Josh Bacon’s Secret Software Robots (KRAKEN) would be the second legitimate free trading software, we performed our usual test.

We performed 100 trades and documented the percentage the Josh’s software chose correctly. You can see our results below:

Number of trades = 100

Number of winning trades  = 39

Number of losing trades = 61

Percentage of winning trades  = 39%

Our final results show that the Secret Software Robots is one of the worst performing applications that we have tested. It only correctly predicted 39% of it’s picks.

I love automation…But losing on auto-pilot is still losing!

For that reason, We have no choice but to place this software in our list of scams!

If you want a free trading software that actually works (it won 88% of it trades in our test), then I recommend you read a review of the My Cash Bot software at

Ps. Thankyou you for visiting Modest Money » Review Of Make Money Online Products and  I hope you enjoyed our review of the Josh Bacon’s Secret Software Robots.

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