Secret Money Vault Review – A Scam By Tony Pearce?

By | January 12, 2015

 Secret Money Vault Review: We have tested Tony Pearce’s Secret Money Vault software and our results prove it’s a scam. Read this review to see for yourself!


About the Secret Money Vault system:

Product Name: Secret Money Vault
Niche: Binary Option Trading Software
Price: Free
Product Creator: Tony Pearce
Product Summary: Secret Money Vault is a free software from Tony Pearce. Tony Claims is free trading software will help you make at least $850 a day and a millionaire within months.

If you are reading this review about Tony Pearce’s “Secret Money Vault” software then I am sure you received an email that read like this…

Quote –>

“Did you realize there’s a tiny, but very
significant difference between raw data
and published data?

Very, very few people know about this
but those who do are making a KILLING!”

Ex-Agent, Tony Pearce is sharing this
disparity with a very wealthy group!”

<—End Quote

The reason this email seems familiar is because it’s the email script Tony gave to thousands of affiliate to promote his product to their email lists.

Now…The truth is that every week another free trading software released and hundreds, if not thousands of people promote them. They all claim to have limited spots available, yet their memberships remain open for months!

Although trading binary options is a real way people can make a lot of money quickly, most of these software don’t work and are a waste of your time.

In fact…We have personally tested 86 of these free software and only one has passed our tests so far.

To see if the Secret Vault software is just another scam software or a legitimate money making opportunity, we decided to put it through the same tests that we used on the previous 85 software that we have reviewed.

Our tests is very simple but it does put these software claims to the test. We simply make 100 trades and chart the percentage of winning trades each software accurately predicts.

Below you will find our test results for the “Secret Money Vault” software.

Number of trades = 100

Number of winning trades = 43

Number of losing trades = 57

Percentage of trades that won = 43%

Tony claims that his software wins 95% of it’s trades but our tests results show that it only won 43% after 100 trades.

For that reason…We can not recommend the “Secret Money Vault” software.

The truth is that the Secret Money software is the norm not the exception. As I stated before…We tested 86 software and all failed out test accept 1!

The only free trading software that passed our 100 trade test is called “My Cash Bot” and it won 88 out of the 100 trades it performed! So…If you are looking for a free software that actually works, then we recommend you get the My Cash Bot software. You can get the free download link and read a detailed review at

Ps. Thanks for stopping by and reading our entire review of the Secret Money Vault.

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One thought on “Secret Money Vault Review – A Scam By Tony Pearce?

  1. Angel

    Don’t waste your money on this system! It’s a total ripoff and you will lose your deposit! This system really sucks!


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