Push Button Commissions Review – Adam Williams Scam Revealed

By | January 9, 2015

Push-Button-Commissions-SoftwarePush Button Commissions Review: We have analyzed and tested Adam Williams Push Button Commission software. See our test results that prove it’s a scam.

Our Official Push Button Commissions Review

About the Push Button Commissions system:

Product Name: Profit Maximizer
Niche: Binary Option Trading Software
Price: Free
Product Creator: Adam Williams
Product Summary: Push Button Commissions is a new software and system from Adam Williams that calims to be able to help you make 100,000 a month using something Adam calls the “New Internet”.

What Adam is really talking about when he mentions the “New Internet” is the world of binary option trading. Let’s be clear…Binary Option Trading is very popular but most of the so called “free trading software” are totally worthless.

Adam claims that he is not like the other guys because he does not get paid to Launch products. But if you look at the screenshot below…You will see that Push Button Commissions was launched just like all the other scams the Adam claims that he hates.


He also claims his software is different and that he tested 1393 to make sure it will help you make $100K a month.

Well…We have tested about 85 of these so called “free software” ourselves and we found that all but one of the 85 were scams.

This being said…We decided to make the Push Button Commissions software our latest test subject.

Here are our test results for Push Button Commissions:

Number of trades = 100

Number of winning trades = 45

Number of losing trades = 55

Percentage of trades that won = 45%

Hmmm…It seems that Adam’s software only won 45% of it’s trades.

It is clear to see…Push Button Commissions failed our test and is just like the 84 other scam trading software we have reviewed.

Of the 85 software we have tested, Only a free trading software called “My Cash Bot” passed our 100 trade challenge. It won 88% of it’s trades and is the only free trading software that we currently recommend. You can read a full review of the My Cash Bot software at http://modest-money.org/cash-bot-review/.

As for Adam Williams’ Push Button Commissions software…It’s a scam!

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