Insured Profits Review – Insure Your Trades And Make A Profit

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Insured Profits Review: In This Review of Dave’s Insured Profits software we reveal why we truth about how it insures you make a profit even if you lose most of your trades.

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Our Official Insured Profits Review

About the Insured Profits Software:

Product Name: Insured Profits
Product Author: Dave
Niche: Binary Option Trading Software
Price: Free
Official Website:
Product Summary: Insured Profits is a new software that is designed to eliminate all the risks of trading binary options. It eliminate the risks by making sure that you make a profit even if you win less than 50% of your trades. I will explain how in my full review that follows.


You probably are reading this review because you heard a lot about a new software called Insured Profits and you want to know if it’s legit or another binary option scam.

First…I must say that I usually do not recommend binary option trading software because I have tested over 50 of them and all have been scams.

Why Insured Profits Is Different Than Other Binary Option Trading  Software


After take a close look at the Insured Profits software I have realized that’s it’s different from all the other free binary trading software for one big reason….

It does not rely on making winning trades in order for you to make a profit. This fact is very important because despite all the claims of the other trading software, it’s impossible to predict winning trades. It’s really just a coin flip. On average you will lose on your trades at ;east 50% of the time. And since you only make 75% of the money you trade in profit when you win, you will always lose money trading.

For example: If you make 1 trade for $100 and win, you only get $75. But if you make a trade for $100 and lose, you lose the entire $100.

That’s why all the other binary trading software will never make you money in the long run.

And…That’s why the key features of the Insured Profits software is so important.

Dave, the creator of the software, figured out a way to ensure you make a profit every time, even if you lose more trades than you win.

Essentially…You win by betting against yourself!


Dave has configured his software to make sure you only lose $2 on a losing trade, but make $18 on a winning trades.

That means…You will make a profit an average profit of $18 for each trade you make.

Look at the graphics below to see how your profits can explode with the Insured Profits Software.


How To Profit From The Insured Profits Software


As you can see on the above graphics, the software makes sure you make a long term profit…No matter how often you have losing trades.

How The Insured Profits Software Ensures You Make A Profit


The software basically allows you to buy insurance with all your trades. This insurance is the reason you will only spend $2 on a losing trade but make $20 on a winning trade.

Because of this insurance method, Insured Profits is the only Binary trading software that allows you to make a profit even when you lose more trades then you win.

To test this system out…I completed 10 trades.

Out of my 10 trades I only had 4 wins but still made a profit of $72

Wins : $20 * 4 = $80

Loses: $2 * 6 = $12

Net Profit = $68

After using this software I am very glad that I went against my initial thoughts a gave it a try.

For this reason…I am recommending Insured Profits to all my friends.

You can get your free copy of the software by clicking the download button below!

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Ps. Thanks for reading our review of the Insured Profits Software!



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