Instant Trader Review – The Scam Revealed!

By | May 12, 2015

instanttraderreviewInstant Trader Review: In this review of Barry Roman‘s Instant Trader software we unveil our test results that prove it’s just another scam.

Our Official Instant Trader Review

About the Instant software:

Product Name: Instant Trader
Niche: Binary Option Trading Software
Price: Free
Product Creator: Barry Roman
Product Summary: Instant Trader is a free binary option trading software by Barry Roman. Barry claims that you can make thousands of dollars a day with his new free software.

The Real Truth About Making Money With Free Trading Software

Did you know that trading binary options is just like flipping a coin. You have the same chance of winning a trade if you simply flip a coin. You have a 50/50 chance of winning.

Software like Instant Trader claims that the can increase your chance of winning and therefore insure you make a profit which could end up being thousands of dollars a day.

But before you go download the free Instant Trader software, you should know that you would need to win more than 75% of your trades to truly make some easy money with the software.

You see…Why you make a trade with most of these trading software you can only make a profit of 75%-80% of the money you invest. For example: If you make a $10 trade using the Instant Trader software and win your profit would be about $8.20. But if you make a trade and lose then your loss would be $10.

So…To really make a profit with any free trading software you should really only use one that has a 80% winning rate.

Over the past 2 years we have tested 99 trading software and only 2 have made us a profit. Of the 2 that made us a profit, only one of them is still available for free!

Click Here To Read A Review Of The 1 Free Trading Software That Made Us A Profit!

To see if Instant Trader will become one of the scams that we have reviewed and dismissed or is legitimate, we perform the same test that we use on all the trading software that we have review.

The test is very simple. We simply make 100 trades and document the percentage of winning trades that the software produces.

Below you can find our test results for the Instant Trader software!

Number of trades = 100

Number of winning trades  = 54

Number of losing trades = 46

Percentage of winning trades  = 54%


Although the Instant Trader software won more than 50% of it’s trades, it still fail well short of the 80% winning rate that we needed to give it a passing grade.

This really came as no surprise to use because we have tested 96 similar trading software and of those only 1 that is still available for free was able to pass or test.

The software that passed our 100 trade test actually won 88% of it’s trades and made us a profit of $830 in 1 day!

You Can Read A Full Review Of The Only Free Money Making Software That Passed Our Test By Clicking Here!

Because the Instant Trader software did win 54% of it’s trades we will not label it a complete scam. However, we can not recommend it because we don’t think you will make money by using the Instant Trader software.

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