Insider John Review

By | December 22, 2014

insiderjohnreviewInsider John Review: In this review of John Callaghan’s Insider John Binary App 810 software, we reveal our test results that prove it’s just another scam.

Our Official “Insider John Binary App 810 Software” Review

About the Insider John system:

Product Name: Insider John Binary App 810
Niche: Binary Option Trading Software
Price: Free
Product Summary: The Insider John Binary App 810 is a new binary trading software, from John Callaghan, that claims to be able an award winning software that generates $2,200 in profits per day!

We tested the software to see if it is legit and our results are below!

But Before You Continue….

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“How We Proved That The Binary App 810 Software Is A Scam!”

John Callaghan claims that his Binary App 810 software has won several trading awards but you will be hard pressed to find proof of his claims by searching the internet.

That being said…The best way to find out if any product or software is legit or a scam is by testing it!

But if I find out that they software does not hold up to it’s claims…I reveal it as a scam!

So, Instead of taking John’s word for it, we decided to test the software out for ourselves!

You can view our test results below!

Number of trades = 100

Number of winning trades = 46

Number of losing trades = 54

Percentage of trades that won = 46%

As you can see by the above result…John Callaghan’ Binary App 810 software failed our tests.

Not only did we not make $2200 a day like John claims, we actually lost money!

For that reason…We have to label Insider John a scam!

The truth is…

We have tested 79 trading software and we were only able to find one that actually works!

It’s called My Cash Bot and it won 88% of it’s trades!

And unlike John Callaghan’s software…It’s 100% free without a 2 month trial period!

You can read a full review of the My Cash Bot software and get the link that will allow you to get it for FREE at…

Ps. Thanks for taking the time to read my review of the Insider John software!

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