How to Make Quick Cash From Twitter Even If you Have No Followers.

By | November 12, 2013

make money from twitterIn this article we discuss a simple way to make some quick cash from twitter…even if you have no followers. Do you know the secret to making money online? Of course you do! We all know that to make money online you need traffic.

But the problem is…Most marketers fail online because they don’t know how to get qualified traffic to their offers. What is qualified traffic?

Qualified traffic is people who are looking for solutions for problems that your offer can solve.

Ask yourself this simple question…Are you more likely to buy something that someone is trying to convince you that you need or buy something that you know you want or need to solve a problem.

And the answer is…Most people would buy the item or service that they already know they want or need.

What if I could show you….

  1. A way to use twitter to contact people who are actually looking to find solutions for problems?
  2. How to do this even if you have no twitter followers?

Do you think you can make some fast profits?

Well that’s exactly what I am going to show you how to do!!!!

What I am about to share with you is an easy way use twitter to earn instant profits. This system involves getting traffic by replying to other people’s tweets.

If you don’t know exactly how tweeter reply works…Let me explain.

Each time someone makes a tweet there are several things people who see the tweet can do to interact with it. You can…


  1. Retweet it – Send the same tweet to your followers.
  2. Favorite it – Twitter ‘s version of liking a tweet.
  3. Reply  – This is basically like commenting on a blog or facebook  wall post except it’s with twitter. Each time you reply to a tweet…It is sent back to the original tweeter.

The twitter reply allows you to post a reply to the original tweeters account as a mention even if they are not following you.

This is important because it allows you to read tweet’s in your niche and respond to them to get instant traffic and profits.

And as added bonus…Many people will see your reply and instantly follow you.  This is an excellent way to build up your twitter following without doing any extra work.


Part 1 – How Internet Marketer’s Use Twitter Reply

Imagine if someone tweeted…”I need to quite smoking!”

An internet marketer would reply to that tweet with a tweet like…I see you want to quite smoking. Here is a how I quit in 7 days!

Note: Of course the link would be replaced by a real link to the internet marketer’s affiliate link promoting a quit smoking product.

This kind of marketing gets high conversions because the traffic that clicks these twitter reply links are highly targeted and are searching for solutions to a problem.

Part 2 – Set Up For Success

Here is what you need to do to get maximum instant profits from this method:

Step 1 – Select your niche – The best niches to make money from are those where people are looking for a solution to a problem.

 Note: I will not give you exact niches to focus on because if all every reader of this report focuses on the same niches then they will become saturated and no one will make any money or get much traffic.

To find profitable niches you just need to think of common problems people have and are likely to tweet about. The more niches you target…The more traffic and sales you will make.

Step 2 – I recommend you create a new twitter account to use with this system because every reply will also be seen by your twitter followers. So if you don’t want your existing tweeter followers to see your replies…then you need a new account. Note: Use your niche keyword as your twitter username.

Step 3 – Keyword phrases – Your next step is to come up with some keyword phrases that people might tweet about. Here are some examples…

Just add your keywords for your niches after each phrase below.  Example: I want to quit smoking.

Add your keywords to the end of each phrase below!


  1. I want to
  2. I need to
  3. I would like to
  4. I would like to learn how to
  5. I want to learn how to
  6. I want to get
  7. I need to get
  8. I would like to get
  9. I need to learn how to
  10. What are some cures for
  11. What is the cure for
  12. Teach me how to
  13. I need to buy
  14. I would like to buy
  15. I want to buy
  16. Where can I buy
  17. What is the best
  18. I am looking for
  19. I need to find

 Step 4 – Select a product or several products to promote.

 For example: If you had chosen to quit smoking niche then you need to promote products that help’s people quit smoking. You can find products to promote by joining affiliate networks like Offervault, Clickbank, or

After you have completed steps above…It’s time to use the twitter search engine to find people twitting about your keyword phrases.

 For Example: If you niche was Quit smoking then you would do a search on the twitter search engine for terms like….

  1. I need to quit smoking.
  2. I want to quit smoking
  3. etc…..

You would then reply with a solution to their problem and include your affiliate link.

This is easy to do and it get’s you instant qualified traffic that can easily turn into instant profits.

It’s easy and free…So why not get started right now!

But if you would like to find out how you can…

 Set Up An Automatic System That Will Auto Reply To People Who Tweet Using Your Keywords Then…Click Here Now!

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