How To Make Money With Clickbank – My $1000 A Week Method

By | October 17, 2013

How to make money with Clickbank. My step by step method to make $1000 a week promoting products from affiliate networks like Clickbank and Clicksure. Making money online is something that a lot of people strive to do but unfortunately most of us fail. There are some very simple reason why this occurs.

Here is a quick list of why you might be struggling to make money online.

1. Lack the technical skills – many new marketers would love to make money online but once they learn the secrets to success…they still lack the technical skills to implement a money making plan.
2. Falling for get rich quick scams – This is a major problem. Many new and not so new marketers fall for the latest push button product that promises to deliver overnight resultswith little or no work.
3. Not knowing the real secret to making an easy passive income online – This is a real problem. There are so many make money ideas out there…many of us jump from one to another without success. Couple that withe the fact that the so called gurus try to sell you a bunch of crappy products that don’t really work, leads to frustration and failure.
4. Not knowing where to start – Making money online can be very simple when you know where to start and how to get started. This report will reveal exactly how you can launch your own online money making machine in the next 24 hours.
These are just a few of the reasons you may be struggling to make money online. In this article I am going to reveal to you the most effective way to make money online as an affiliate…ever created. It is a method that many newbies refuse to try because they are intimidated by the amount of technical skills that they think they need.
But this article will reveal the exact money making blueprint that the gurus use to make $10,000 in as little as a week and how you can do the same even if you do not have any technical skills. The great thing about this techniques is that you will be able to make more and more money each month by following a very simple formula!
This is the same formula I personally use to make between $4000 and $10,000 a month. Here is a screenshot of how much money I made in a couple of weeks by using this easy money making technique.

How to make money with Clickbank

If you total up my 2 week profits you will see that I earned 2177.84 in the last 14 days!  If you follow the blueprint that I am going to lay out for you…

“The Clickbank Money Making Formula Revealed!”


Have you ever watched one of those sales videos put out by the so called gurus that show you their clickbank screentshots in which they makes thousands of dollars a day?
In in those videos do they tell you that they made all that money by using some secret system or software? Well here is a shocker!!!!!!

“They Are Lying To You!”

It’s not that the screenshots are fake….It’s that they did not make those commissions with the system that they are trying to sell to you.
The real truth is that they made that money by sending out 1 simple email that promotes a product that gives them a commission for every sale.
Have you ever noticed that you always get your email inbox flooded with the latest make money products each day!
If so..ask yourself these little questions…Who do you think are sending you these emails? Why do they continue to send you these emails…unless they are making money each time they send out an email?
You got it!!!!


These so called gurus make money online by building an optin list and sending emails promoting the latest product launches!
So while you are buying their latest worthless product they are laughing because they know the real secret to making those $10,000 commissions!
And they continue to market this way for 1 simple reason…It works!
You see the real secret to making easy money online is very simple and can be done by anyone…
The formula is this…..
First…Build an email list by sending people to a squeeze page.
Second...Make a front-end profit by presenting the people who subscribe to your list with a initial
offer or one-time offer.
Third…Make backend profits by emailing your list new offers daily weekly or monthly!
It’s really that simple!
So why do so many people refuse to follow this money making blueprint?
It’s very simple!
Everyone is looking for some magic formula that allows them to make money without the hassles

  1. Creating a squeeze page.
  2. Creating emails to send to their opt in list.
  3. Finding the right products to sell.
  4. Finding traffic to send to their squeeze page!

“An Easy Solution Has Been Found! Even If You Are
A Newbie!”


If you already knew this money making formula but still have not used it you probably fall into
1 of 3 categories…..
#1 – You have heard all of this before and know it will make you money but you have not
done it because it does not sound exciting and you are too lazy to put in the work to set the
system up.
#2 - You have set up your squeeze pages and one-time offers but you still do not make a lot
of money because you can’t seem to get another traffic to your squeeze pages.
#3 - You are a newbie and you do not yet have the skills to create a squeeze page, find
products to promote, and get traffic to your pages.
If you fall into the categories below, their is finally a solution to help you get over the
hump..regardless of your situation.


What if I told you that you can start making money using this system in the next 24 hours ….

  1. Without Building squeeze pages
  2. Without creating your on emails to send to your opt-in list
  3. Without setting up an autoresponder
  4. Without finding products to promote
  5. Without paying for traffic
  6. Without paying for website hosting
  7. Without paying for a domain


It’s a program called the CB Passive Income License Program.

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