How To Make Easy Money Online Without Selling Anything

By | December 3, 2013

How to make easy money online without selling anything. Although selling products online and promoting affiliate products are 2 of the best ways to make an online living, many people would like an alternative that can still bring in some easy online cash. This article is for those people. Below, I will show you an easy way to make some passive money with your blogs even if your visitors never buys anything from you.

Note: This method requires that you have you own blog and that your blog has a page rank of 1 or better. The higher the page rank of your blog…the more money you will make.

If you don’t have you own blog with page rank then click here for an easier alternative.

For those of you who do have a blog or blogs with a page rank of 1 or better here is how you can use it to make some easy money online without selling anything.

Get Paid To Post Other People’s Content On your Blog

Below you will find 2 sites that will allow you to make money by posting other people’s content on your blog. The neat thing about this method is…You get free quality content for your blog and you get paid for it!!!


Hostmypost - This company will pay you to place articles on your wordpress blog from other people. And get this…They have a

plugin that will allow you to post these articles without lifting a finger. Once you join you can add this plugin to your wordpress blog and each time an article that is in your blogs niche is created…it will automatically appears as a post on your blog.

And you will get paid for it. Your pay depends on the page rank of your site. The higher the page rank the more money you make.

PostLinks is the ultimate autoblogging WordPress plugin, allowing PR1+ WordPress site owners to quickly and easily monetize their sites while getting free, keyword-rich content. By installing the PostLinks WordPress plugin, you have the ability to earn monthly residual income for each Article Post, Comment, and Contextual Link that you choose to allow our advertisers to place on your site.

Register Today and start making money with your WordPress website!

A simple plan you can follow to make Thousands of dollars in the next few months….On Auto-pilot

Here is a simple fact. Using this system will make you some extra free automatic cash every month but it will

not make you rich. But lucky for you there is a simple way to turn this system into a full-time automatic income that can generate thousands of dollars a month on auto-pilot.

Here’s how.

Create 100’s of blogs and multiply your profits on complete auto-pilot. There are 2 ways to do this…

  1. Create multiply blogs and build there pages ranks over time…and then submit them to postlinks and host my post.
  2. Buy domains that already have page rank and start profiting immediately. Here is the the tool I use to find cheap domainsĀ  that already have page rank.

If this money making idea does not appeal to you then the banner below leads to a great alternative.

Make easy money

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