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By | May 17, 2014

In this short reporFREE Affiliate Profitst I am going to show you how to use 100% free resources to promote affiliate products to targeted people.

First, I am going to show you how to find the best affiliate programs to promote. Then I am going to show you how to get your links in front of unlimited people for free and presell them on your affiliate product without writing a single paragraph.


Finally, I am going to show you an easy technique to instantly double your profits with just 1 click of your mouse.


Step 1 – Pick A Money Making Niche


Below is a list of niches that will work the best with the free targeted traffic sources that I am going to reveal later on in this report!


Make Money Online (work from home, biz opps, etc.)

Education (online degrees, exam prep, etc)

 Health (snoring, pimples, cholestrol, etc)

Beauty (skincare, cosmetics) – Fitness (workouts, nutrition, weight loss)

Relationships (dating, making up, marriage)

Personal Finance (budgeting, loans, etc)

Pets (Dog training, Caring for pets,etc)


All of the above niches are very popular online topics and people are willing to invest time and money to learn more about these subjects because they are very passionate about them.


Let me ask you few questions…..


Is there anyone more passionate than pet owners?

Are people desperate to improve their personal finances?

Who does not want to make more money?

What would you do to get rid of your pimples (if you have them)?


As you can see…These niches deal with people who are very passionate or are desperate for answers.

And if you can show them stuff they are passionate about or fix their problems they will buy what you are promoting.


You primary goal should be to find where these people are. If you can find a group of these people in one place, that makes your job even that much easier.


Step 2 – Find Affiliate Products To Promote


Hopefully you have decided on a niche. If you have not…You need to do that now.  After you have decided on niche to promote, you need to find some products to promote!


Go over to the clickbank marketplace and find products to promote.


Watch this short video to see how to find the best products to promote.


Click Here To Watch The Video.


Find as many clickbank products as you can find in the niche you picked and copy your affiliate links paste them on your computers notepad.


After you have found a minimum of 10 products to promote….Go to the sales page of each product and see exactly what the product does.


Now….Write a quick note about what the product does next to the affiliate link that you copied down. You will use this information later when you start to promote your affiliate products.


For example: If you are in the pet niche and you found a product about dog training then you know the product teaches people how to train their dogs.


Another example: If you decide to promote products in the Internet Marketing niche and decide to promote a software product, then go to the sales page and see exactly what the product does.


Note: It’s important that you go to each sales page and take note of how each product will benefit your potential customers in order for this system to make you the maximum profits.


Step 3 – Use Free Content To Presell The Affiliate Products!


The next step is probably the easiest and most important part of these free money making system. In order to get the maximum of sales on the products you are promoting, it’s important that you presell the product.


And the best way to get people excited about the product you are promoting is by video.


Don’t worry…You will not have to create a single video!


What you need to do is to find videos related to the product you are promoting and later I will show you how to use these videos to make easy clickbank commissions.


Here is how to find the best videos to use.


Let’s say…You decided to make money in the pet’s niche.


You simply need to go over to youtube and find search for videos about training dogs.


When you type in “how to train your dog” in the youtube search bar, you will see a list of videos that teach you different ways to train your dog.


Watch the videos and see if they are informative or if they are just sales pitches.


You will want to use videos that are informative. 


After you find a video for copy down the web address (url) and paste it in notepad. You will be using this video later to help presell your affiliate product.


Do this for all the affiliate products that you decided to promote.


Note: The above is an example. You can do this for any niche.




Step 4 – No Website…No Problem!



This next step reveals how to use a free service to host the videos you decide to use as well your affiliate links to the products you are promoting.

The service we are going to use is called Clip Jacker. Clip Jacker is free to join and allows you to post other peoples videos on their site and get paid clickbank commissions when people click on the banners on their site. The also allow you to put a link under the videos. This is where you will place your affiliate links.

In other words you will have a banner promoting a clickbank product above the video and on the left hand side of the video. Plus you can add a link to the product that you are promoting below the video!

Click Here To Join Clip Jacker For FREE!

After you join clip jacker …Follow the simple instructions to add you first video that you selected earlier. Below the video, add the link to your affiliate product.

Click Here to See an Example of one of a test video I set up!

As you can see by my test campaign…The video is a webinar by an affiliate marketer and I added a link below the video to a course that he is selling on clickbank.


Step 5 – Get FREE Targeted Traffic To Your Clip Jacker Videos

Making money online as an affiliate is as simple as finding the places where the people are that would be interested in the product you are promoting.


Below I will list several places that you can find these people with very little effort.


1. Google + communities – There are dozens of communities in Google+ for all the niches I listed in the above chapter!


2. Facebook groups – Want to find a group of people to promote your affiliate product to in the weight loss niche. Join facebook groups that are based around weight loss. (Note: this can be done for any niche) . Click Here For  a Video that shows you how to join facebook  groups.


3. Pinterest Boards – Another place to find targeted groups. Click Here For A Place Where You Can Get People To Promote You Pins For FREE!


4. Forums – A very good traffic source. Click Here To Find Forums for Any Niche for FREE!


And last but not least…Here is a place where you can find people talking about any niche in real time. You simple type in any subject and this free tool will show you exactly where people are talking about this subject.


It’s a site called social mention. Social mention is up to the minute social media search engine. It allows you to see exactly where people are talking about any subject you choose for the following…


1. Blogs

2. Microblogs

3. Bookmarking sites

4. Blog Comments

5. Images sites

6. News sites

7. Video sites

8. Q&A sites.

All these places are perfect places to promote your affiliate offers.

Step 6 – Instantly Double Your Affiliate Income


What if you could instantly double your profits with this system?  Well you can!

Here is a little tool that allows you to put your affiliate offer, squeeze page, cpa offer, etc. on any webpage via a popup.


The tool is called Link Jacker and it it costs less than $5. It’s easy to use and you can insert a link to any website, add the link to your cpa, squeeze page, or affiliate offer to the link to create a total new link that.


1. Goes to your clip jacker video.

2. Displays a popup of the offer you are promoting.  Allows you to build your optin list or promote another affiliate product and double the chances of making sales.


This allows you to share a link from any website and still promote your offers at the same time.


It’s an easy way to market your affiliate offers to targeted groups without spamming them.


You can learn get Click  Jacker by clicking here!


There you have it! Promoting to groups of people who all are interested in the same topic is a great way to generate instant profits if you market to them the correct way!

Follow the suggestions that I outlined in this report and you will be well on your way!

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