Fast Profits App Review

By | December 3, 2014

fastprofitsappFast Profits Review: In this review of the Fast Profits App we reveal our test results that prove it’s a scam!


Our Official Fast Profits App Review

About the Fast Profits App:

Product Name: Fast Profits App
Niche: Binary Option Trading Software
Price: Free

Product Summary: The Fast Profits App is a new trading software that claims to be able to help you make $20,000+ a day.

If you watch the video presentation for the Fast Profit App, then you know that it’s a software that claims to be able to make you up to $400,000  in 7 days on complete auto pilot by accurately predicting winning binary trades.

We have reviewed over 70 similar trading apps and they all have similar claims.  Because their are some many scams on the internet these days, it’s hard to find the legit tools from one that simply don’t work.

For that reason, we test each binary trading tool that we review to ensure it’s legitimate.

We ran 100 trade test using the Fast Profits app and are results are below!

Before we reveal our test results…

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Results From Our Test Of  The Fast Profits App

Here are test results:

Number of trades = 100

Number of winning trades = 43

Number of losing trades = 57

Percentage of trades that won = 43%

As you can see by the above test results, we lost money using the Fast Profits App.

For that reason we must consider it a scam like most of the other free trading software we have tested.

The fact is…Of the 70 free trading software that claim to make you easy cash, only 1 has made us money.

It’s called My Cash Bot and it was able to predict trades at a 88% accuracy rate.

So if you want to get into binary trading for easy cash, then we can only recommend the My Cash Bot software.

You can read an entire review of the software and get the link to download it for free at


Ps. Thanks for stopping by and reading our Past Profits review and don’t forget to grab your free gift before you leave!

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