Elite Gold Profits Review – Scam Revealed!

By | July 29, 2015

Elite Gold Profits  Review: In this review of Nigel Pearson’s  Elite Gold Profits software we will reveal our test results that prove it’s a scam!

Our Official Elite Gold Profits Review

About the Elite Gold Profits Software:

Product Name: Elite Gold Profits
Niche: Binary Option Trading Software
Price: Free
Product Creator: Nigel Pearson
Product Summary: Elite Gold Profits is a new free trading software from Nigel Pearson. Nigel Claims his software can help you make $1,369.75 in a single day.

Before we get into our official review of this software, grab the free bonus below as a gift for you visiting our review site.

According to Nigel Pearson (the creator of Elite Gold Profits) his binary trading software is used by some of the worlds most famous people to make millions. I am not here to challenge that assertion, but I am here to see if the software really works.

You see…Over the past few years there have been hundreds of similar free software that have made the same claims. We have personally tested 121 of these free software  and most of them turned out to be scams.

Out of the 121 free software we tested, only 2 passed our test and of the 2, only 1 is still available for free online.

Today we will examine the Elite Gold Profits software to see if it’s 1 of the few legit money makers or just another scam.


Our Test Results That Prove Elite Gold Profits Is A Scam

To see if the Elite Gold Profits software is worthy of our recommendation, we performed a very simple test. We simply used the software!

Below you can find our test results of the Elite Gold Profits software:

Number of trades = 100

Number of winning trades  = 44

Number of losing trades =56

Percentage of winning trades  = 44%

Note: Due to online broker fees and rate of return you will need to win 75% of your trades to make a consistent income trading binary options online.

Our results really came as no surprise to us because of the previous 121 free trading software that we have tested, only 2 made us a profit and of the 2, only 1 is still available for free online.

The software that passed our 100 trade test actually won 88% of it’s trades and made us a profit of $830 in 1 day!

You Can Read The Review Of  The Free Trading Software That Won 88% Of It’s Trade and Made Us $830 In Profits In 1 Day By Clicking Here Now!

Conclusion: The Elite Gold Software did not accurately predict winning trades for us and therefore did not make us a profit.

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