An Easy Way To Make Money From Other People’s Youtube Videos

By | November 3, 2013

make-money-from-youtubeThere are several ways to make money from Youtube, but in the post will be discussing an easy way to profit from Youtube videos without creating them yourself.  This is a simple money making method that anyone can use because it requires only a few easy steps.

Before we get started with this short tutorial…It’s important to understand a couple of things.

  1. Videos grab more people’s attention then simple text so using videos on your site creates more user engagement, which leads to more profits.
  2. Creating videos can take a lot of time an effort.

So what if you could get the benefits of using videos in your marketing efforts with the hassle of creating your own? We will explore this option right now!

Step #1 – Pick Your Niche

The first thing you need to do is decide what niche you want to concentrate on. It does not matter what niche you pick because Youtube has videos in any niche you could possibly think of. Just pick something that interests you.

Step #2 – Find a Product To Promote

After you have decided on a niche to focus on you need to decide on what products to promote to that niche.  Finding affiliate products to promote is very easy because you can join affiliate networks like Clickbank that cover every possible niche. For example: If you decided to focus on the golfing niche you could easily find products on Clickbank that teach you how to play golf or perfect your golf swing…etc.  Most Clickbank products have affiliate tools that you can use to promote their products. Among these affiliate tools are banners. Grab the banner codes for all the affiliate products you choose to promote. You will need them in step # 5.

Step #3 – You need a blog

You will need to have a blog to make money using the strategy I am about to show you. Your blog should focus on the niche that you chose in step 1 of this tutorial.

Step #4 – Find Youtube Videos That Fit Your Niche

After picking a niche and products to promote to your niche you need to find videos related to your niche. You can do this by going to Youtube and simple typing in some keywords for your niche. For example: If you picked the golf niche you could go to Youtube and search for videos about improving your golf swing or tips to reduce your golf score.  Get the embed code for  each video that you find for your niche. You will use these embed codes in step #5.

Step #5 – Use Youtube Videos As Blog Content.

After you copied down the embed codes for several videos in your niche you can then use each video as blog content. Just past the embed code for the video in your blog, explain what the video is about in your blog post, and past your banner codes for the affiliate products you are promoting under video.

When someone visits your blog to watch the video…They will see a related product (in the form of your affiliate banner) under the video. Since your traffic will people only interested in what you are promoting, you will should make some sales.

But to make sales you will need to get traffic to your blog. In step #7 we will be exploring an easy way to promote your video blog posts.

Step #6 Make Passive Profits From Other People’s Youtube Videos

This next step reveal how you can make some extra cash…even when people decide not to purchase the affiliate products  that you are promoting on your video blog posts.

What if you could get paid by placing ads on other people’s Youtube Videos? Well there is a site that let’s you do just that. It’s called Taggify.  Taggify allows you to place ads in the Youtube videos that you have on your blog. When a visitor views and clicks on the ads in the video, you make a small commission. To put it simply…It’s like pay per click for videos.

Note:  Taggify also allows you to monetize your blog text and blog images in the same manner as you can with videos.

Step #7 – Get Targeted Niche Traffic From Facebook

A great place to find people for any niche is on Facebook.  Facebook allows people with similar interests (your niche) to join facebook groups and discuss the topic of the group. You can use these groups to  promote your video blog posts and get free traffic from Facebook. I discuss this method in greater detail in my post “How To Make Money Fast On Facebook“. The post also covers how to pick the best niche. You should read the post if you choose to implement this money making strategy.


Making money online is very simple. You just need the following…

  1. A product to promote.
  2. Targeted traffic

I have just showed you an easy way to get both of these so making money with the strategy I have just laid out should be very easy.


Concerning the Author – The author is a seven year infopreneur who focuses in product creation and affiliate marketing. He reviews approximately numerous newly launched advertising and marketing products almost every month. His pending product reviews is Tube Cash Code . In each and every single review he tells how each product operates in detail and supplies you with a final suggestion.

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