Copy Them And Make $10,000 A Month!

By | April 29, 2014

Are you looking for foolproof way to some easy money online? Each day thousands of people scour the internet looking for the next big money making opportunity. What these people don’t realize is that there is a simple way to guarantee that you make online…even if you have no technical skills or internet marketing experience.

This is a secret that is not really a secret. The following short report will describe a foolproof way to guarantee that you make a profit as an internet marketer. First, I will explain the formula, then give you the #1 method that you can use today, that will virtually guarantee your internet marketing success!


The Foolproof Money Making Formula


The foolproof method for making money online requires you to do 2 simple things…

  1. Find someone who is making money online.
  2. Copy exactly what they are doing.

I know this sounds very simplified…But it’s really that simple.

Think about it! If someone is making $10,000 a month online, don’t you think you could duplicate their results if you did exactly what they are doing?

Of course you could!

The key is to finding these successful online money makers and getting access to their money making blueprint.


Make Money Like The Gurus


Ever wonder how the top internet marketing gurus keep making thousands of thousands of dollars per day?

It’s not with some fancy software or by spending thousands of dollars on advertising.

The truth…Most of them build a huge optin list and send out high converting money making emails to their subscribers.

But what sets the gurus apart from other list builders is that they build their list with people who are buyers and not just freebie seeks.

Most marketers will tell you to create a squeeze page, give away a freebie, and send traffic to that freebie page to get subscribers.

What these so called experts don’t realize is that not all subscribers are created equally.

There are 2 Types of subscribers.


  1. Freebie seekers – Freebie seekers are people who just collect a bunch of free stuff and rarely ever take action.
  2. Buyers – Buyers are people who are willing and able to invest in their future.


Adding a 1 buyer to your optin list will make you as much money as 100 freebie seekers.

Yes…I said adding 1 buyer to your optin list is worth as much as adding 100 freebie seekers to your list.

The real gurus have figured this out and build their list primarily of proven buyers.


There are a couple of ways to build a buyers list:

  1. Product launches – This is the top ways most gurus build their optin lists. They create a product, get hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliates to promote it, then require people to optin to get the product they have purchased. This method can build you a list of thousands of buyers overnight.
  2. Give away bonuses  – Another way people who don’t want to create products get buyer traffic is by contacting people who are selling products in their niche and offering to add your product as an added bonus.  The good thing about this method is that you don’t have to launch your own product. You can simply create a report or use a report that has resell rights.

For a complete course on how to build a huge list of buyers quickly…Click Here Now!


After you have created a list of people you are proven buyers…You need a way to make money from your list like the top gurus.

To do this…You simply copy what the gurus do.

If you are an internet marketer, I am sure you are on a gurus list. If you receive dozens of emails promoting new products each day, then some of those emails are from the top gurus.

These gurus are experts in email marketing and have high converting email swipes that make them a lot of money.

You can copy these email swipes (of course rewrite them to make them apply to your subscribers) and promote the same high converting products to your email lists.


Have It Done For You!

If you are new to internet marketing and don’t have the skills to set up your on optin list or don’t know how to create emails that make you money then there is another solution for you.


One of the top internet marketing gurus has created a system that will allow you to have your own high converting email marketing system done for you.

It allows you to follow the Guru Formula without creating your own squeeze page or even creating your own emails to send to your subscribers. You can get it by clicking here!

If you follow these 2 steps you will able to generate an easy income like the gurus.

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