Click Clone Cash Review

By | August 23, 2014

Click Clone Cash Review: In this review of Josh Owens’ Click Clone Cash system we reveal the truth about this offer and expose it as just another scam to trick you out of your hard earned money.

About  Click Clone Cash

Product Name: Click Clone Cash
Niche: Internet Marketing
Price: FREE (Advertised as free but it will actually cost you about $90)
Product Summary: Click Clone Cash is an offer from Josh Owens in which he promises to help you make $100,000 a month.

Before we reveal why you should stay away from this scam….

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Why You Should Avoid Click Clone Cash


I am sure you are reading this review because you got an email about an amazing opportunity called Click Clone Cash. You want to know if this a real legitimate offer or just another internet scam.

Today…We reveal why we recommend you avoid this offer like the plague.

If you watch Josh Owens’ Click Clone Cash video, then you know he promises to help you make $100,000 a month. You should have also noticed that he said the he cloned a money making website and started making money in minutes.

That sounds great, but there is a serious problem with that scenario.

Here is the problem:

If you found a successful business, like Josh talks about in his video, and cloned it….You still are missing a key ingredient.

Don’t get fooled…You need traffic!

It’s funny…Josh never even mentions how his site gets traffic. How can you make money from anything if you don’t have customers. And how can you get customers if you don’t drive traffic to your site.

No matter what anyone tells you…There is no software that can force real people to visit your site and make them buy what you are selling.

The fact is…It will not happen.

So why does Josh really want to give you this system, if it does not really work like he claims?

Simple…He makes money when you sign up for this offer.


Here Is How The Click Clone Cash System Works!


Here is how Josh makes money when you sigh up for his so called free offer.

In order to partner with Josh…You first need to buy hosting from company that pays him a commission. It’s really just a scam to get you to buy expensive hosting through his affiliate link.

This kind of scam is very popular right now on the internet and they all use the same hyped up sales pitch that promises automatic profits for free.

Don’t fall for these kind of scams!

If you are looking for a real legitimate way to make money online, then….

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Ps. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading our review of Josh Owens’ Click Clone Cash system.

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One thought on “Click Clone Cash Review

  1. Steven Lucas

    Hi Marcus,
    I’ve noticed the proliferation of this kind of site – the too good to be true offer that’s free provided you buy my support or hosting or some other essential that the ‘system’ won’t work without and as you say, the missing element is always traffic, the lifeblood of internet marketing.

    I wonder how many poor souls have been caught by this and I hope there’s many more who have been saved by your nice little expose of this and similar systems.

    Keep up the good work.


    Steven Lucas


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