Cash Giveaway Review – The Scam Exposed!

By | May 26, 2015

cashgiveawayCash Giveaway Review: In this review of Stefan Kaminski’s Cash Giveaway software, we reveal our test results that prove it’s a scam!

Our Official Cash Giveaway Review

About the Cash Giveaway Software:

Product Name: Insiders Information
Niche: Binary Option Trading Software
Price: Free
Product Creator: Stefan Kaminski
Product Summary: Cash Giveaway is a new free software from Stefan Kaminski. Stefan claims his software can legally force brokers to pay you money
each and every single time you open a trade.


How We Proved Cash Giveaway Is A Scam

Over the past couple of years there have been hundreds of people who claim there free software can make you rich on auto-pilot by accurately predicting winning binary option trades. Cash Giveaway is just the latest of these free trading software.

We have tested personally tested 98 of these free money making software and only 2 were able to pass out test. Of the 2 that passed our test and made us easy money, only 1 is still available for free!

You Can Read A Full Review Of The Only Free Money Making Software That Passed Our Test By Clicking Here!

How do we test these free money making trading software?

We simply do 100 trades with each software and document the percentage of winning trades that the software accurately predicted.

“Our Cash Giveaway Test Results!”

To see if the Cash Giveaway software can really make you money, we performed 100 trades and documented our results!

Note: In order to pass our test a software need to win at least 75% of it’s trades.

See our test results for the Cash Giveaway software below….

Number of trades = 100

Number of winning trades  = 48

Number of losing trades = 52

Percentage of winning trades  = 48%

As you can see by the above test results, Cash Giveaway did not even come close to passing our 100 trade test. It only won 48% of the trades it performed.

For this reason, we consider the Cash Giveaway software to be just another scam that will cost you money.

Although we can not recommend the Cash Giveaway software, we urge you to read our review of the only software that we tested which won 88% of it’s trades and made us a profit of  $830 in 1 day!

You Can Read A Full Review Of The Only Free Money Making Software That Passed Our Test By Clicking Here!

Ps. Thanks for stopping by and reading our review of the Cash Giveaway software.

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