Insiders Information Review – Our Test Results Surprised Us!

By | October 13, 2014

Insiders Information Review: In this review of Richard Vinner’s “Insiders Information” free money making software, we reveal our test results that even surprised us!

Our Official Insiders Information Review

About the Insiders Information Software:

Product Name: Insiders Information
Niche: Binary Option Trading Software
Product Creator: Richard Vinner
Price: Free
Product Summary: Insiders Information is a new free money making software that is suppose to help you makeĀ $936.31 daily!

You Can Download The Insiders Information Software For Free By Clicking Here Now!

Let me guess…You got an email telling you about a brand new free auto click software that will make you a millionaire? I assume you watched the “Insiders Information” video and you are trying to find out if this software is really legit or if it’s just another scam.

There are many trading software that claim to be able to pick winning trades but most of them are scams. The question that you need an answer to is….Is Insiders Information another scam?

That is a very good question because most online binary trading software are just gimmicks that don’t work. They claim to have a secret formula that can accurately pick winning trades, but we have tested over 90 of these software and most of them don’t work.

Our surprising Test Results From Insiders Information

We performed a test (as we do with all the products that we review) and found some surprising results. Here are our results from doing 100 trades with the Insiders Information software.

Before I reveal our test results with the Insiders Information Software you need to know the following...

  1. We made 100 trades for $25 each.
  2. Each $25 trade costs you $25 when you lose.
  3. Each $25 trade pays you $41.25 when you win.

Our 100 Trade Test Results For Insiders Information:

Number of trades = 100 (Total Cost = $2500)

Number of winning trades = 88 (Total Income = $3630)

Number of losing trades = 12 ( Total Profits Loss = $300)

Percentage of winning trades = 88%

Total Net Profits/Loss = (Total Income = $3630)(Total Cost = $2500)( Total Profits Loss = $300) = + $830 In Profits

A Summary Of Our Test Results:

  1. We let the Insiders Information software perform 100 trades for $25 for us.
  2. The software won 88% of the trades it performed and we ended up making us $880 in profits just by letting the software pick the correct trades!

This came as a shock to us because all the other free trading software we have tested did not come close to achieving the same results.

For that reason….We must say that Insiders Information software passed our test with flying colors and we highly recommend it!!!!

You can download the Insiders Information Software For Free By Clicking Here Now!


Ps. Thanks for visiting the Modest Money blog and reading our review of the Insiders Information Software.

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4 thoughts on “Insiders Information Review – Our Test Results Surprised Us!

  1. Joseph

    Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that I started using the Insiders Information software yesterday and I have already made over $1100. I glad a found your review before I used another software. Thanks!!!!

  2. Greg

    I am so glad I found your review! I have been using the software for 3 days and I have already made 2,623 in profits!

  3. Andrew

    Just want you guys to know that I have been using the software for 5 days and I have already made a profit of $3615! I can’t wait to see what my total for 30 days will be!!!!

  4. jay

    The reviews look promising…i’ll download and let you guys know the result.


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