The Binary Redemption Review – Scam Exposed!

By | October 15, 2014


The Binary Redemption Review: In this review of the Binary Redemption software we reveal as a scam and tell you the real truth why it’s free.


Our Official Binary Redemption Review


About the The Binary Redemption Software:

Product Name: Binary Redemption
Niche: Binary Option Trading Software
Price: Free
Product Summary: The Binary Redemption is the latest binary option scam that promises to make you rich.

Before I reveal the truth about this scam and reveal out test results for the Binary Redemption software…

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The Real Truth Why Binary Redemption Is FREE!


I am sure you are here because you watch the Binary Redemption video and you hope that it’s not just another scam.

The truth is…It’s a scam!

I know the sales video claims that the software will make you millions but the truth is that is just a scam to get you to download the Binary Redemption software.

The reason they want you to download their software is because in order to download it…You must first open up a broker account  with the broker they prefer.

The  only reason they chose the broker that they want you to open up account with is because they make a commission each time a new person they refer opens and funds an account with their preferred broker.

The truth is that the software  is designed to help you make trades easier. It’s not designed to help you predict winning trades.

We have done over 65 reviews of tests of similar software and all (except one) have proven to win less than 50% of the trades they perform. This includes the Binary Redemption software.

Here are the results we received when we tested this software…

Number of trades: 100

Number of winning trades: 48

Number of losing: 52

Percentage of winning trades with the Binary Redemption software = 48%

As we expected…The software did not win over 50% of it’s trades.

For that reason…We can not recommend the Binary Redemption software.

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Ps. Thanks for stopping by the Modest Money blog and reading our review of the Binary Redemption software!

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