4 Ways To Make Money Using The Trust Jacker WordPress Plugin

By | December 30, 2013

There has been a revolutionary new wordpress plugin called Trust Jacker sweeping the internet marketing world and many people are still trying to figure out how to make money by using this new technology.  In this post we will review exactly how Trust Jacker works and identify 3 proven ways that you can use it to make money online.

What is Trust Jacker?

Trust Jacker is a new wordpress plugin from Gerry Cramer that utilizes a new ground breaking technology that will allow you to promote any offer ( your product, an affiliate product, a cpa offer, or even a squeeze page) to a targeted audience by sharing links to popular and informative content.  For a full explanation on excatly how this plugin works you should Click Here to read detailed review of Trust Jacker.

Now that you know how this new plugin allows you to hijack easy commissions from any site, you need to know how to get tons of people to click on your Trust Jacker links. The best way to to this s to find places where there are alot of people gathering online and get your link in that crwod of people.

Below we list 4 ways that you can share content using Trust Jacker and make some easy money.

#1 – Via Forums - This method works great because there are hundreds of forums for any niche you can think of and these forums are a great place to help people by pointing other content on the web that answer their questions.

#2 – Speaking of answering questions…Question and answer sites like Yahoo answers are also great places to share these links.

# 3  – Twitter- An excelent way to use this new plugin is to find people on twitter that are asking questions and reply to them with links that answer these questions.

#4 – Facebook Groups – This may be the easiest way to get your Trust Jacker links in front of a large group of people who all have the same interests. Many Facebook groups have thousands of members and these members can be a great money making resource.

Official Trust Jacker Website

So there you have it! Four ways to use the Trust Jacker Plugin to make money online. If you don’t have the plugin yet….You can get it by clicking on the above banner!

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